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12 June 2020 @ 04:44 pm
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10 May 2012 @ 01:59 pm
Apparently, today NBC decided to cancel 30 Rock (which I never watched), Community (Which I watched since it first aired), and Parks And Recreations (Which is my favorite comedy show of all times!).

Two of my favorite comedy shows are cancel......

I am crying and dealing with the fact these shows are not going to come back in the Fall is PAINFUL. These shows didn't get a proper send off!


Today is a dark day my friends.

EDIT: So Community got renew for a fourth season. I am not sure who was the dick that wrote that article of the shows getting cancel. So far we don't know the faith of Parks And Rec, if they will get a new season.
26 February 2012 @ 11:10 pm
Oscars tonight. I haven't scream so much in one night. So basically it means myself and my sister had a great night watching the Oscars. Glad that my favorites like The Artist and Hugo won most of the awards. Even if I'm somewhat bitter that Gary Oldman didn't win a Oscar. By the way, where in the world was Benedict Cumberbatch tonight?
01 February 2012 @ 03:27 pm
So at the start of the year I decided to do two or three challenges I want to do this year, which might sound crazy when I write what they are.
1. Is 365 Films/Televisions for 2012.
~Which so far I'm doing pretty good! I seen 48 in the first month.
2. Write 1,000 pages in my journals/diaries.
~There was a time when a 16 year old Jessica wrote in her diary 24/7. I miss doing that, so I'm trying to please myself with writing, instead pleasing my followers on tumblr so don't give a crap about my personal life. I wrote about 36 pages so far (setting myself up to fail).
3. Read 10 books
~This was a bit lax, but lately I'm not reading enough. So far haven't finish reading anything, but I read couple of books now before I go to bed at night.
17 January 2012 @ 03:18 pm
Since Reichenbach Falls.......I'm still thinking about the Sherlock finale. I actually couldn't watch anything really after seeing it, since my mind is still dealing with the aftermath watching that episode.

I almost feel like I'm a bit mourning. Yes, I'm mourning for a television show, but Sherlock I don't think it's a normal television show for me. It's almost like I've emotionally invested in this show, like almost like in a relationship.

I honestly don't know how I'm going to deal with the rest of this year. I feel like void inside me after watching the episode. Kinda happy I start College again next week to get my mind to stop thinking about it.

I kinda believe that Molly helped Sherlock to fake his death. If we get Sherlock Series 3 I bet that's what going to happen. I would scream for joy if she help Sherlock!

Is it just me or I ship Sherlock with a lot of people?

I ship John and Sherlock, Molly and Sherlock, Irene and Sherlock. I'm proud of it.

Anderson and Donovan can go die in a ditch somewhere.

Mycroft, I never think I actually hate him, but this finale made me actually hate him. Since it's his fault that Moriarty went after Sherlock in the first place. In a way he has "killed" his own brother. It really broke my heart I was saying to myself "NO NO NO NO" when we find out about it.

Moriarty forcing Sherlock to kill himself, because everyone thinks Sherlock is a fake and Moriarty was going to kill his only friends in the world. I just lost it at this point and I couldn't stop crying.

Never in my entire lifetime, I felt these kind of emotions with a television show. Doctor Who may had been the closest, but Sherlock has a weird emotional attachment  to myself ever since I saw it. That's why it's my favorite television show of all times without a single doubt in my mind.

26 November 2011 @ 12:12 am
I seen the first season of Zexal (the first 26 episodes) and I'm kinda really liking it........
Yuma still an idiot. 

 But oh my god there are some great characters in this show. I mean I have a weak spot for villains or anti-heroes you can feel sympathy towards and there is one really good character that has a touching back story. About the reason he's taking people souls when he duels is to save his brother. I'm sucker for that kind of stuff sadly.

But Kaito, whoa really interesting and he actually pretty scary, cause he manage to defeat the awesomeness that's is Shark/Ryoga (who's my favorite character of the show). 

What's really awesome scary that when Kaito defeats someone in a duel he takes their soul. Ryoga lost the duel while trying to protect Yuma's Key from being stolen by Kaito. Katio took Ryoga's soul. I was like "WHOA WTF HAPPEN!?"

By the end of the first season, Ryoga got his soul back (not telling how don't want to give out all of the spoilers). I'm just happy he will be "alive" during the second season of Zexal cause without Ryoga and Kaito this show sucks major balls. I like these two characters so much it's worth watching it. I started one episodes into the second season and already we got hints of Ryoga's back story about his reasons why he was mentally unstable in the past and was caught cheating in a duel tournament, and they're hinting that Ryoga may have lost someone dear to him. I know it's a women, but it's still unsure if it's Ryoga's mother, sister, maybe girlfriend it's still unclear, but I'm looking forward to finding out.

As of now my Yu Gi Oh Series Rank are

1. Yu Gi Oh!
2. 5D's
3. Both Zexal and GX are tied for me at this moment.

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20 November 2011 @ 03:07 am

Yesterday, I finished watching Inuyasha The Final Act dub, and it was so well done! It makes me want to go into my closet and put up my old Inuyasha wall scroll. I know it took me a couple of years, but I finally watch it! I feel kinda bittersweet Inuyasha is TRULY ended.

I saw Breaking Dawn too.........um.....a film full of craziness. That birth scene was unspeakable . I actually came out with my jaw on the floor, because I can't believe parents brought their kids who are under ten. Especially, since half the theater were under of the age of ten years old. That film ain't for children, also it was one of the most awkward movies I had ever seen, but it's a twlight film so it was expected.

Now, I caved in and started watching Yu Gi Oh Zexal at least up to episode two. Well, I pretty much seen all of episodes of all the incarnations for YGH; I saw the DM/Original (Every. Single. Episode), GX (Well I saw all the dub, I need to see the final season in Japanese), and 5D's (I seen almost all, but I skip some episodes around the last arc of the show). Keeping with tradition, I'm going to give Zexal a try, but I decided to only watch it in Japanese, even though the dub is out now. I decided to do it that way cause I really don't like 5D's dub, but I freaking love 5D's in Japanese/Sub. 

My first opinions on Zexal are harsh. The Protagonist is Yuma who I believe is the most annoying YGH protagonist since Judai/Jaden, but at least Judai was funny and not acting like an idiot jumping around doing dangerous stuff that could actually really hurt him seriously ( my opinions might change I only watch two episodes!). The supporting characters are bland, cookie cutter, and not interesting at all. The main girl could be as boring as Tea and she doesn't seem like she knows how to duel (which is a big no-no with me for females in YGH Series).

Now the good things I like about Zexal. The rival is actually kinda cool. I like his look and his style (on par with the likes of past YGH rivals like Kabia, Chazz, and Jack). I do have one complain about him......his name or nickname? Shark......I know he has a sea theme with his deck, but really? I'm pretty sure Shark isn't his name (I hope). Another thing with this rival is that I think he can beat Yuma, and I think Yuma won the duel in episode two is with dumb luck. Shark does something that I don't think past YGH rivals did.........he wasn't a sore loser! Still maybe in episode 3 he will be a "sore loser", but at least he didn't do it in front of Yuma and his friends.

So far, mixed feelings. Still going to continue watching it....slowly because I got a paper to do and things to read.